SYLE GURU BIO: Daniella Lima

It is my fourth time I’m writing the STYLE GURU BIO, and I always try to make something different. So this one will be about my experience in New York in 2012. It definitely made the difference in my life, and I owe a big part of what I am to this amazing city.

I was 22 years old and for the first time I was going to spend months far away from home. The most surprising thing to me was the fact that I was not afraid at all. I was traveling to another country, to speak another language, to deal with people from the whole world, so how could I not be a little bit afraid? The answer would come next when I arrived in the city. I felt like I belonged there. It had to happen to become who I am. It is remarkable when you get out of your comfort zone and get the chance of knowing people, cultures, languages and everything that is over there for you. You just have to touch and feel it.

In New York, I gave my dreams wings. I allowed myself to make plans and chase after those. It made me think about my future, what I really want for my career, my life and for me as a human being. It’s definitely the city where dreams are made.

I met people from all over the whole world. I made good friends, some who I’m still in touch with. I gained the best memories ever. I opened my mind and I even learned a few other languages. I’m the girl from the Brooklyn. It was the first place I lived in New York and my heart beats fast for it. It’s amazing how people wear whatever they want, making their own style. New York is the city of fashion, design and love! If someone asked me which place I would like to live, I wouldn’t think twice before answering with The Big Apple.

So I would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone that made this trip the best. All my friends, my parents, God and the destiny. I could not have anything better and I appreciate all the good things life gave—and keeps giving—me. I am undeniably a lucky girl!