Summer Trends You Need in Your Closet

Like every summer that rolls around, inspiration from all over brings us new hot trends. Check these trends out before they sizzle down!

Moroccan styles have found their place abroad here in the US. We are owning all the details this season from alluring patterns to flowy blouses and pants. Here’s how to effortlessly achieve it.

Turbans are the accessory of the season. They are easy to make and super versatile. I love turbans because they are convenient for days I don’t feel like styling my hair. Also, turbans are a good protective style from the sun on your hair and keep you feeling cool under the summer’s heat wave. To make your turban, it’s good to use a fabric scarf that has enough grip when you wrap it. I recommend lightweight cotton scarfs. There are many ways to wrap your turban, such as on top of your head or on the side. Turbans can be the perfect accessories to add a pop of color to your outfit. I always pick scarves with vibrant colors and wild patterns.

Loafers are the it shoe of the season! Open heel loafers are the perfect on-the-go shoe. I like to consider them the boujee “slides” because they simply can dress up or dress down any outfit. These trendy shoes are pleasantly comfortable, which is a staple detail I always look for in shoes. You can find loafers in almost any style and fabric, such as suede or leather. Also, many of them come with cool prints for those who love a bold shoe.

Some styling tips to achieve that perfect Moroccan fit is to pair your accessories with a white cotton blouse, or any color of your choice. For bottoms, maxi skirts or harem pants will complete your look.

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