How to Style an Independence Day Attire

How to Style an Independence Day Attire

The 4th of July is fast approaching and if you’re anything like this Fashionista, you’re already planning your outfit! Holidays are the perfect opportunity to show off your style. Independence Day should celebrate our personal freedoms; use this day to genuinely express yourself!

For the holiday, I chose an off-the-shoulder striped dress. While this outfit features red, white and blue, pieces that incorporate all three colors can be hard to find. Ergo, if you’re looking for a similar style dress, try this off-the-shoulder dress. Because of its simplicity, this dress could be complemented with a red choker or statement necklace. To build upon this look, try layering with a denim jacket and some jewelry! If you like a necklace that’s daintier than the blue stone necklace I’m wearing, try out different chokers.

It’s important for this Fashionista’s look to be consistently festive–I went for a gorgeous, deep red nail polish. In addition, try a red lip color; I’m wearing this lipstick in the shade Exotic. Lip color is fun and will always make your look more bold and decorated!

For shoes, I selected a white pair of high top Converse. What’s more American than this red, white and blue classic pair of Chuck Taylor’s? Simple, but understated—this shoe brings to this outfit a casual aura! However, dressing up this look with a pair of tan or red heels could add just the touch of elegance you may be seeking, depending on your Independence Day plans. Finally, I finished off my look with my red Longchamp bag to add a pop of color! If you don’t have a Longchamp, try a saddle bag like this!

Sometimes, it seems insanely difficult to match so many different pieces. Therefore, if you don’t have any way of accommodating color or combination “rules,” wear whatever you want! Fashion should be unrestricted—you get to choose what to put together and should be able to construct an outfit founded upon your own rules and standards. There never should be anything hindering the way that you choose to express your style! Nothing is more freeing than putting together an outfit independent of societal norms. Besides, it’s the day we celebrate freedom, so be your complete, most authentic self!

Try to tailor your outfit for the 4th around your own style. I know I’ll be wearing stripes and lots of color to show off my personality! If you’re on a tight budget, use what you already have! It only takes one article of clothing in red, white or blue to style a unique, alluring outfit! If you’re lacking elements of your outfit in one of these colors, accessorize with fun jewelry or a colored fedora hat.

What festive outfit will you be sporting this Independence Day? Let us know in the comments below!