Thanks to Mean Girls, one of the most popular movies of our generation, wearing pink on Wednesday practically became a weekly holiday and the word “plastic” took on a whole new meaning. The phrase “word vomit,” was also introduced in the 2004 classic by Cady Heron, otherwise known as Lindsay Lohan. Word vomit is essentially the act of speaking without thinking. Surely, we’ve all experienced a case of word vomit at one point or another. When I was little, the best remedy for word vomit was an imaginary zipper that would instantly stop the words from coming out of my mouth as soon as someone said, “zip it.”

There is something so definite about zippers. Figuratively, the pretend zipper always seemed to cure my word vomit, guaranteed to seal my lips every time. Fashionably, a zipper is a much sturdier way to fasten your garments compared to a tie or a button. While enclosure is the most practical use of zippers, they can also be used as a stylish and edgy detail, as always. Bold looks are some of my favorites, which is why I was particularly inspired by the red zipper dress in Nicole Miller’s spring 2015 ready-to-wear collection.

Miller’s collection was influenced by the exotically fashionable Copacabana beaches in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Brazilian fashion is known for being very showy with distinct looks that are meant to be empowering. Miller targeted this multifaceted style by including contrasting colors, authentic details and mix-and-match patterns in her collection.

The red zipper dress was the piece I wanted to recreate. Both my shorts and top had a zipper in the back, which seemed like the optimal design for quick, easy and convenient style. The pop of red on my bag was tribute to Miller’s featured dress.

As my outfit came together, a few more of Miller’s other ready-to-wear looks became apparent. Small ruffles on the back of my top and mixing the polka-dot print of my shorts with the subtle striped pattern on my shoes were some of my other takes on the South American trends in Miller’s collection. A final twist on my look included a handful of rings. I am currently obsessed with these tiny accessories because they are a little bit of sparkle you can take everywhere you go. This flashy assortment of rings seemed like a good way to capture my own Brazilian flare.

Get My Look: 1. Polka-dot shorts. 2. Zipper top. 3. Striped flats.