STYLE GURU STYLE: You Had Me At Yellow

July 22nd, 2015 at 2:00am

Fashion and style are like peanut butter and jelly; two very different ingredients, yet equally essential to an ensemble, just as peanut butter and jelly are vital to the world’s favorite sandwich. Fashion is the peanut butter, a foundation meant to hold your look together. Style is the jelly, the flavor you choose to spread across your clothing in order to claim every look as your own. Color is my jelly preference in the figurative sandwich of my wardrobe. I love how effective different hues can be at capturing your personality or expressing your current mood without needing any further explanation.

This season, yellow is the fashion. Top designers deemed yellow a wardrobe must-have, making it one of many trendy closet constructs. But the way you wear this bright and summery color depends wholly on your personal style. Jeremy Scott kept his spring 2015 ready-to-wear collection light and fun by allowing his designs to shine in various shades of yellow. Throughout Scott’s collection, you will find both small pops of yellow along with pieces totally bursting in it. Scott incorporated a rainbow of vibrant colors that work to highlight as well as contrast his yellow craze. Some might say that this collection is wildly eclectic, others might describe it as nothing but a good time but personally, I simply can’t deny the colorful lust Scott has created in my life.

My outfit was inspired by a dainty blue crop top patterned with small yellow roses in Scott’s collection. I was drawn to how the blue made an innocent yellow come alive in an effortlessly sleek way. Influenced by Scott’s style, I decided to color-block these two primaries. Donning a vibrant blue blazer over my yellow camisole was a reflection of Scott’s ready-to-wear collection, and pairing back and white striped shorts kept my outfit classic while still maintaining the lively spunk.

I accessorized my look very minimally because I wanted to emphasize the yellow and let the colors do the talking. Soft pearls, little diamond studs and a cute silver necklace was the jewelry I wore to complete this outfit.

Get My Look: 1. Yellow tank top. 2. Bright blue blazer. 3. Black and white striped shorts.