There is a great misconception that fashion and comfort are not synonymous to each other. Recent runway shows beg to differ. In a place where desirable, expensive and seemingly unattainable pieces meet post-gym vibes on the runway, Kanye West’s Yeezy Season 3 collection makes its mark. I had the great privilege of attending the Yeezy Season 3 launch myself. Needless to say, I was thoroughly riveted. The collection is a concoction of everyday neutrals and contemporary cuts. Street style has never looked so “street.” West proves that the minimalistic, oversized and worn look works. Cargo pants, bulky jackets, sleek bombers, tights and sneakers are the new face of high fashion and believe it or not, everything you need to achieve this earthy athleisure aesthetic is already in your closet.

Whether you’re making your way to class, boarding a plane, leaving the gym or making your way through the town, Yeezy-inspired street style will keep you looking effortlessly and comfortably cool.

In order to achieve a look inspired by this collection, I accessed the three concepts that stood out to me while watching the show: neutral, oversized and layered.

I made sure to stick to subtle neutrals by focusing my look with a black and grey palette. In order to balance the oversized pieces in my outfit, I wore simple black tights to match my boots. By matching the color of my boots to my leggings, I created the same lengthening effect seen on the Yeezy Season 3 models. In order to add more drama to such a simple outfit, I made sure to layer up my tops. In this outfit I am wearing a tunic T-shirt under a boxy knit top, all tied together with an army green cargo jacket.

Yeezy is the perfect balance of bold and practical. By following a few simple tricks, you too can look like you walked fresh out of the studio.

Get My Look: 1. Legging.  2. Bulky boots. 3. Oversized T-shirt.