August 3rd, 2016 at 2:00am

Kanye West never ceases to surprise people. When Yeezy Season 2 debuted in 2015, New York Fashion Week people were not disappointed. This futuristic military line was extremely original and a huge win for Kanye.

Yeezy Season 2 is a runway show that immediately captivated my attention. Since I loved the originality and uniqueness of the line, I took it upon myself to incorporate certain elements into my own style. The first thing I noticed was the neutral color palette theme throughout the show. Each piece has a soft look yet a strong military futuristic theme to it. That combination together adds a unique overall feel to his line. Most of the outfits included baseball hats, high-waisted leggings, baggy clothing and layering. Taking note of this general theme, I decided to pick out elements that can translate into my everyday style.

Starting at the top I wore an plain black baseball cap; the plainer the better when mimicking the Yeezy line. The line is very simple yet complex with an intentional simplicity in each look. Next I wore a rich cream cropped sweater to tie in some neutral color. I decided to wear this army green button-up around my waist to bring in the layered look, adding in some of that military feel with the color. I wore simple gray leggings since I had already brought in color and honestly wanted to be comfy! My favorite part of my outfit is the adidas shoes! I wear these shoes everywhere and they always add a trendy, sporty element to any outfit. To finish off, I intentionally chose exclusively gold accessories to complement the neutrals.

There are so many ways to mimic Kanye’s spring collection. I decided to go more subtle in my approach to turn it into an everyday look. I enjoy putting outfits together inspired by this line because you can really have fun with it as long as you keep in mind that neutral, simple look. You can go all out with military boots, baggy sweatshirts and jackets. Or you can go with a simple version like I did!

Get My Look: 1. Body chain. 2. Baseball hat. 3. adidas sneakers.