Recently, people have begun wearing workout clothes outside of just the gym and started incorporating the pieces into their everyday wardrobes and even creating whole ensembles made up of them. This trend carried over into the new year and I have a feeling it isn’t going anywhere soon. It’s simple to recreate, practical and relatable. Alexander Wang‘s spring 2015 collection was no exception.

The whole collection featured a mix of textures and colors, much like a lot of workout wear. As a whole, the collection effortlessly combined couture with everyday clothes. It doesn’t surprise me that Wang, of all people, was able to pull this off!

To incorporate some of Wang’s notions into my own outfit, I focused on wearing an outfit that could be worn on the street but also to the gym. In order to stay true to my own style, I wore all-black and -white. I recently bought this long sleeve white graphic T-shirt at Zara on sale for nine dollars. I decided to throw my North Face rain jacket over it to give it a more athletic feel. On my bottom half, I wore running tights and Nike Rosches. For an accessory, I pushed my hair back with a simple black headband. The different textures of my jacket, T-shirt and legging work together to mimic Wang’s collection. If you were on the street, you wouldn’t be able to tell whether I was headed to the gym or not!

Get My Look: 1. A minimalist, graphic T-shirt. 2. Black and white sneakers. 3. An athletic, rain jacket (this one even has an interior zipper pocket with a cord exit for your headphones!).