STYLE GURU STYLE: Working Out In Style

So I would say that more than half of my daily outfit choices include dance or workout gear purely because I dance every day and usually I can’t be bothered to change in the middle of the day when I’m super tired and most likely in a rush. But as a Style Guru, I obviously still like to look trendy and fashionable.

Today, I’m showing you how to look stylish in workout clothes with the inspiration of the VPL spring 2014 ready-to-wear show in mind. In this show, designer Victoria Bartlett explained that the pieces were activewear with not only good fabrics that wick away sweat, but that also had great aesthetics. Bartlett, who can claim the title of being first to use athletic influences on the runway back in 2004 said this about her 2014 show, “You see women all the time, running around in their sports bra and their leggings, this is how women really do dress. And they want options.” I couldn’t agree more with Bartlett’s statement, and I agree that athletic clothes don’t have to be limited to looking just like athletic clothes (they just need to feel like them).

After I saw this look in particular, I knew I had to step up my game. So, in today’s outfit I am wearing Nike Pro Combat shorts with an orange chevron pattern and a blue, red and black waistband. To pair with the shorts, I am wearing a hunter green, multi-strap Victoria’s Secret sports bra, a white graphic tank top with the saying, “This is my gym shirt”, black and gray Nike Free Run sneakers and mustache printed socks.

I felt like my look is a good take on VPL’s collection, as it has a similar color palette and has interesting strap details. The only differences really are that mine include items that work for me and my sport, such as the socks to turn in. In 2015, it is perfectly okay to wear workout clothes as an outfit. Just make sure it is more than sweatpants and an old T-shirt though.

Get My Look: 1. Nike Pro Combat patterned shorts. 2. A tank top with a funny quote. 3. A sports bra with an interesting back detail.