January 31st, 2017 at 2:00am

As second semester starts, I’m sure we can all agree on one main thing: the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show was perfect. As usual. From the performers to the models to the actual bras, it was all just stunning. A common theme in the show, other than everything being sparkly and gorgeous, was Pantone’s color of the year: Greenery. A super bright and cheery color, Greenery can be used to decorate your home or add a tasty pop of color to an outfit.

Taking this look from runway to the sidewalk to the office was a breeze for me. Green has always been a stunning color on me because of my hair and skin tone, and it even makes my normally gray eyes appear green. This top is my way of pulling Greenery into my ensemble. The cute little laces up the front make it a little edgier, but still conservative enough for me to wear around the office. Some other styles for this type of blouse can be found here.

The pencil skirt is long enough to be professional but still accentuates my curves nicely. This can be a tricky line to walk for business wear in college. A lot of skirts that are marketed towards our age group are often far too short and thin to be worn in the office. This one, found at Express, is the perfect length, hitting right above my knee, and the perfect fabric that isn’t too thick that it’s bulky but also isn’t too thin.

The jacket pulls this whole ensemble. It hits right at my natural waist, drawing in the eye and making my waist look even tinier. The sleeves are not overbearing, but instead, make my arms look longer. The necklace adds some femininity to the edgy outfit, making it daintier.

Lastly, my shoes. When I’m working in the office, I love making a statement without it being too overbearing. Wearing fun shoes is the perfect way of doing this without being unprofessional. I always go for bright shoes, and these red Mary Jane pumps stole my heart the second I saw them. They compliment the Greenery theme splendidly, as well.

Being professional in college is tricky, and finding outfits that work well with the colors given can be a difficulty. Using Pantone and the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, navigating the professional waters as a college kid just became a little easier.