Now, I know that workout wear is typically not something that is seen in fashion shows, but that doesn’t mean your workout wear can’t be runway-inspired. I found inspiration for my workout wear from Stella McCartney’s spring 2015 ready-to-wear collection. The collection is gorgeous and features a variety of colors and a lot of cutouts. When I saw the pair of leggings I’m wearing for my look sitting on the sale rack at lululemon, they immediately reminded me of a dress from the collection in the same color with a very similar design. The dress even featured cutouts with mesh overlay. I knew it was love at first sight. Not only that, but these were the last pair in the store and they were just my size; it was fate. The collection is very flowy and that’s the main difference between this runway look and my workout attire. The colors featured in the collection range from bold pastels to vibrant floral patterns. The colors I chose for my outfit before my six mile run complement the colors that are shown in the collection.

Working out has always been something that I dread, and because of that, I strive to find fashionable pieces that make working out more enjoyable. I’ve found when I’m wearing cute workout wear, everything becomes a lot easier and enjoyable. To create this runway-inspired look, I went to lululemon and found the most comfortable and stylish workout top. I fell in love with the pastel blue, and then I found the leggings on the sale rack and I couldn’t say no. The outfit was a perfect match for my running shoes, which I found at a running boutique; they provide such good comfort and stability.

Get My Look: 1. Find a good pair of cropped leggings with and intricate design. 2. Get a soft and colorful top. 3. Invest in a comfortable pair of colorful running shoes.