Hello again Fashionistas/os! Although I was most likely shivering during this photoshoot, I have to admit, there is something I love about winter fashion. This is most likely because I am a comfort enthusiast and have a love for all things soft and warm.

My look here was inspired by the kate spade new york 2016 ready-to-wear-collection. My favorite incorporation of this line was the peacoat! One thing I know for sure—you can never go wrong with a long, warm peacoat. This will instantly add sophistication to any outfit. Beneath my peacoat, I’m wearing a simple turtleneck sweater and basic blue jeans. Even though my outfit is somewhat casual underneath, the peacoat adds a layer of warmth and class that really brings the whole outfit together. To add a unique, personalized touch to a standard peacoat, find one with a belt that singes at the waist! This will not only accentuate the coat, but also give you the illusion of legs for days, and come on, who doesn’t want that?

Another way to stay warm on those dreadful morning voyages to class is simple, yet sometimes underestimated. Taking inspiration from the kate spade line, I incorporated a bucket hat into my outfit. Wearing a hat will keep you a million times warmer when it feels like your face is about to freeze mid-walk (sprint) to class. Okay, now in terms of hats, not everyone is a beanie person, and to that, I say, there is hope! Winter hats go beyond beanies, ladies and gentlemen. Like I’m wearing here, a felt bucket hat is super cute and very warm. Bucket hats were on the rise during the warmer months, and by simply changing the material of which it’s made, they can be just as popular in the winter, too.

I hope this has inspired all you fellow Fashionistas/os to stay warm, yet stylish during these cold months.

Get My Look: 1. Michael Kors peacoat. 2. ALDO felt bucket hat. 3. Urban Outfitters sweater.