STYLE GURU STYLE: Woah, Baby-Doll!

As years end and seasons change, so do trends. While some might go away for the time being, almost all crazes return for another chance in the fashion world, sometimes more than once. Within the past few years, the trends of the ‘90s have made a serious comeback: overalls, high-waisted pants, crop tops, denim-on-denim and babydoll dresses. Adam Selman’s spring 2015 ready-to-wear collection featured all these fashions, complete with chokers, funky sunglasses and other familiar ’90s accessories. Inspired by these looks, I decided to channel my inner ’90s kid and find a way to incorporate them into my everyday winter ensembles.

Through this collection, I learned that you don’t have to wait for the return of springtime to wear floral print. Different than my usual wintertime apparel, I decided to be bold and rock a flower-printed babydoll dress. In order to stay weather appropriate, I layered this colorful dress with a solid gray cardigan and wore my go-to black knee-high socks under black leather boots.

In order to look less casual, pairing this fun and flouncy dress with a leather jacket will do just the trick. By doing so, the gap between the winter and spring seasons will be a thing of the past. Walking around campus in an outfit as bold as this one, yet still looking innocent, will help you stand out among your fellow fashionable classmates.

I’m excited to break out and rock my dresses that I’ve since packed away thanks to the help of this classic spring collection. I’m confident in the fact that wearing a babydoll dress even in these cold temperatures is possible as long as you pair it with the right layers and accessories!

Get My Look: 1. Floral babydoll dress. 2. Knit cardigan. 3. Black knee-high socks.