To say the most recent Ralph Lauren pre-fall runway show was the epitome of elegance would be an understatement. From the chic white to the warm camel in the color palette, any single piece from the collection can take your winter ensemble to the next level. Contrary to popular belief, white is one of my favorite colors to rock in the winter. I think if used correctly, which this show does to a T, white can make a statement that no other color can, especially in the bitter cold Wisconsin winters. The many sleek elements of these designs truly stand out to me, making this collection the perfect representation of winter elegance. Along with the bold whites in the collection, there is also a large array of camel colors that perfectly warm the collection’s palette. Using only two colors, Lauren makes a bold statement while still creating an image of effortless elegance.

I have always had an obsession with wearing white in the winter months, so I was most drawn to the very first look in the collection where the entire outfit was composed of white pieces. To accomplish this look, I opted for a white oversized top under a white peacoat. I completed the white aspect of my ensemble by adding a thick white scarf, which is much needed for the current negative temperatures we have been experiencing. In order to incorporate the warm camel color that was so prominent in Lauren’s show, I chose my favorite casual boots.

Throughout this pre-fall 2015 show, I was encouraged to embrace warm color palletes in the cold months in order to achieve a simple, yet elegant look. I absolutely love how chic and bold the white in my outfit looks. As for the warmth of the camel color in my boots, I have to give Lauren some props on an amazing color combination (but honestly, he has already proven worthy of praise). Now all I can hope for is to see more Fashionistas/os embracing the winter white trend!

Get My Look: 1. A white statement jacket. 2. A warm white scarf. 3. The perfect casual camel boots.