A staple item in my wardrobe are my white jeans, especially during the warmer months. Wearing a simple white allows me to bring other colors and patterns into my look without too much chaos. I consider myself a tropical girl, so I am always looking to spice up my warm weather attire.

As I prepared for winter break, I could not stop myself from checking out the latest styles in resort wear on to see the newest vacation looks. I was specifically intrigued with the Tomas Maier’s runway show featuring the new resort 2016 collection. The collection plays with a wide color pallet while maintaining a classic feel. I was immediately inspired by many of the denim pieces that were paired with another solid color piece. I also noted the use of black, a color that I find to usually be the backbone of an outfit. I have learned that using only a few colors in an outfit is striking to the eye and allows for plenty of room for accessories.

With Tomas Maier’s look in mind, I created an outfit that kept a simple color scheme, but experimented with different materials. I, of course, stuck with my favorite white, toothpick jeans and then brought a black top with a fringe into the mix. The fringe is festive and something that is not worn everyday. From there, the rest of the outfit fell right into place, and I was able to add the perfect touch of gold through a few pieces of jewelry. I then finished off the look with gold wedges and a white, beaded pouch.

What to wear over winter break in a tropical place can be tricky, but with the right colors and materials your look can be the perfect mix of winter and resort! Never hesitate to look to Vogue for great inspiration and style ideas. I look forward to reading more about the latest trends in 2016!

Get My Look: 1. White jeans. 2. Black fringe top 3. Gold cork wedges.