STYLE GURU STYLE: Winter White Whirlwind

The Louis Vuitton spring 2015 show was a fascinating 1970s medieval, futuristic concoction. Although the show started and ended on complete opposite ends of the spectrum, each look smoothly blended into the next through overlaps of patterns and fabrics. First arrived minimalistic neutrals, and then later the ’70s-inspired groovy patterns. Shapes ranged from flouncy to fitted, boxy to formless. I was relieved to see some knee-high boots incorporated into the looks. I hope they never go out of style! My favorite thing about this show was the dominance of the color white, reinforcing the white for winter trend.

I have fallen in love with this trend because white always emanates freshness, even if you are needing a shower and your hair is a mess. Suddenly it is totally acceptable to dust off your most favored white summer pieces that you stored away before school started. There is nothing better than recycling old pieces to style outfits that are on trend.

The whole ambiance generated in this Louis Vuitton show was futuristic and almost robotic. I took the foundations of one of the early looks (the white color and crochet dress) and tweaked it so it was more my style. I maintain the trend but added a thick fur vest, knee-high boots and some boho jewelry to remain true to myself. The models in this show often wore blue accessories like booties or bags, so I added my own spark of blue to this outfit with my favorite rock ring. I can’t wait to mix and match this dress again for the spring!

Get My Look: 1. A white crochet dress 2. A neutral fur vest 3. Statement earrings