STYLE GURU STYLE: Winter Utilitarian

Winter brings in a wave of neutrals. The blacks, grays, browns, creams and whites all seem to seep out of our wardrobes, mimicking the colors of the environment outside. But neutrals don’t have to be boring and predictable. Enter the Rebecca Minkoff pre-fall 2015 collection. Minkoff paired neutrals in textures such as leather and knits with utilitarian pieces, like olive green jackets, skirts and sweaters. I liked how, when paired with neutrals, the military-inspired pieces were able to stand out while still sticking to a muted color scheme.

I don’t really own too many utilitarian-inspired pieces, but I do have this skirt that I thrifted about two years ago. The length had been unflattering so I cut it to hit above the knee. I loved that it was high-waisted and had cute little buttons all the way down the front. I paired this with a chunky gray sweater because I love the juxtaposition of a streamlined skirt or pants with an oversized top. To define my waist I added a thin belt. Because my town is currently under a wind chill advisory, I added this Forever 21 long, boxy coat I got for Christmas to keep me warm and to stick to with the neutral color palette. An outfit isn’t really me without accessories, so I wore a pendant to add a little color and some gold rings to go with the belt and the skirt buttons. I finished the look with some warm socks, my old Clarks boots and a red lipstick to add a fun pop of color.

The military trend is easy to incorporate into your wardrobe. The easiest way is with a jacket or coat. Or, go for a skirt or some trousers. When these items are paired with understated colors, they look sophisticated and chic.

Get My Look: 1. Military-inspired skirt. 2. Chunky neutral sweater. 3. Long coat.