STYLE GURU STYLE: Winter Trends in a Warm Climate

I’m originally from one of the coldest and snowiest places in the United States; Rochester, NY. When winter comes along, staying warm is the number one priority! This sadly means I only get to dress completely boho during the summer months. However, I had a wonderful opportunity to visit Florida over break, giving my summer clothes another wear; except, this proved to be quite the challenge because I had to find a fashionable compromise between dressing “wintery” while staying cool on the beach.

What I found to be the answer to my problem (after many hours of going through my closet and not to mention all the clothes that ended up on the floor) was to incorporate cool colored clothing and accessories with lighter fabricate pieces. It was around Christmas time when I wore this outfit so I used green and dark red accents to bring out the winter side of my outfit. All I needed was a frozen hot chocolate on the beach and this outfit would be complete!

For this look, I wore a black spaghetti strapped jumpsuit with a green bralette peeking out on the sides. The jumpsuit was very lightweight, which allowed my skin to breathe and stay cool during the heat. To match the jumpsuit, I wore black booties with three buckles on the side to give a more edgy vibe to the “beachy” look. For my accessories, I layered an array of silver necklaces to add a little pizzazz to the plain black jumpsuit. Keeping with the wintery theme, I wore a dark red choker to offset my bohemian long necklaces. Lastly, I wore a red and green silk headscarf to tie in my choker and bralette’s colors to give that final touch to the boho winter look.

Hopefully, this outfit can inspire others who live in warmer climates all year round (I’m so jealous by the way!) to fashionably balance the warm weather and winter trends!