STYLE GURU STYLE: Winter [Sun]derland

February 11th, 2016 at 8:56am

This winter has definitely thrown a major curve ball, and the typical winter look has changed. Although the warmth is much appreciated, sometimes it’s hard to adapt to what I call the “sunny days with a punch.” Meaning outside it may deceptively look like spring, but the wind continues to undoubtedly remind us what season it really is. Therefore, the question remains: how can I adjust my once so easily determined casual outfit of the season, to fit the new conditions?

Miu Mui recently launched a très chic pre-fall runway show that featured different styles of coats. Whether the were floor dusters, or synched at the waist, the theme seemed to be fairly straight-forward;  to rethink the usual purpose of a coat. Instead of it simply being used to cover an outfit, it actually can be the outfit in itself.   

The runway show really helped broaden my perspective and helped put my own spin on the idea of a coat being the outfit. Especially when it comes to this winter, I decided to adapt the runway look, and make it mine with a peacoat!

In this outfit, I’m wearing a peplum style peacoat as a shirt. And for all of my fellow infinity scarf lovers, never fret! The collar doubles as a scarf, so the dream won’t have to die. Since the top portion is so bundled, I decided to give myself some breathing room at the bottom. No need for boots here; the classic ballet flat works perfectly, and allows the iconic cuffed jean to make its appearance a bit prematurely this year.

Winter whites are becoming increasingly more prominent, so I brought a pop of color—or lack thereof—with my leather drawstring bag. I also decided to stay in the cool color family for the cool season with the tweed in the jacket, exposing dark blues and whites.

New Year, new me, right? I guess that also means a new casual style to own this season!

Get My Look: 1. A peacoat. 2. Ballet flats. 3. Leather drawstring bag.