STYLE GURU STYLE: Winter Patterns

Most people are head over heels for Rihanna’s style. She manages to pull off any and everything to near perfection. I suspect this is due, in large, to having a good stylist and costumer – Adam Selman. I was awestruck by his fall 2014 collection with its bright and stylish outerwear, good use of pattern and cut and his mesh fabrics. His collection showed various cow print patterns and dotted patterns.

Of all the pieces in his collection, I leaned more towards those that were black and white. You cannot go wrong with a good black and white combo; it always appears very crisp and clean. I stuck with Selman’s black and white theme in my outfit. I also tried to incorporate patterns in a more subtle style. The inspiration I received from his collection coupled with my love and dedication to denim, had me reaching for my marbled black and white acid-washed denim.

The next thing I grabbed was a plain black three quarter sleeve shirt that I tucked into the jeans. At this point, I needed something to buffer the cold and keep me warm, but I still wanted to incorporate a bolder patterned piece to pair with my jeans. The weather was slightly warmer, so this was a perfect moment for my striped black and white three quarter sleeve blazer.

Normally, I am not one for large amounts of accessories, and, thankfully, his collection kept the looks very simple with just a touch of red lipstick. I opted for a simple red lip stain and my favorite white gold necklace. You could wear this simple look to class, or dress it up with more jewelry and accessories for a night on the town.

Get My Look: 1. Acid wash jeans. 2. Patterned blazer. 3. Accent necklace.