STYLE GURU STYLE: Winter Florals

Hello, everyone! So, for any of you who know me personally, you have probably seen my obsession with floral prints. I tend to wear them quite a bit throughout the spring and especially the summer, but they tend to be a little more difficult to work into my wardrobe during the winter. For this look, I took major hints from the Antonio Berardi fall 2015 runway show and decided to experiment with a floral print, though not quite as colorful as his own collection. Berardi’s designs are filled with vibrant shades of yellow and bold pink hues and, while I admire this collection, I realize I am not quite as adventurous when it comes to color in the winter.

For my look, I took the idea of a bright floral print and instead found a dress with a slightly darker pattern. The black background makes this BB Dakota dress much more wearable for someone who, like me, enjoys understated pieces. While I love how experimental and innovative designers are on the runway, I always try to find subtle ways to work trends into my everyday wardrobe and this darker floral print dress allows me to do just that.

To pair with my floral print dress, I threw on a simple black cardigan that almost all of you will have lying around in your closets. While my cardigan is a great choice to make this outfit perfect for a daytime look, you can always switch it out for a black leather jacket to make this look going-out ready. To complete my look, I threw on a pair of black tights and these black Nine West ankle boots that have suede detailing on the back of the shoe.

At first glance, a runway look may not seem like it suits your style perfectly, but after a few minor adjustments you will find a piece that incorporates that trend and fits your unique sense of style. Personally, I shy away from a bolder color choice in the winter, but that doesn’t mean I have to dismiss a trend altogether. Instead, I look for ways to tone down a runway look in order to fit my personal style.

Get My Look: 1. Floral print dress. 2. Simple black cardigan or fitted leather jacket. 3. Textured ankle boots.