My loyalty to black remains all-year round and must I say we’ve built a pretty strong bond in the past few years. Summer doesn’t always have to mean bright colors and patterns all the time, right? While I will always admire a minimal and clean-cut look, I also very much admire a little goth-chic and embracing all forms of edginess. If there’s anyone to perfect a black ball-and-chain look, its Mr. Alexander Wang.

“Our customer wants black, so why not do an all-black collection,” said Wang when explaining his motivation for his fall 2015 ready-to-wear collection. I thought his collection was filled with edge, attitude and spunk of confidence, which carried throughout every all-black piece.

Although an all-black outfit may sometimes look flat and is able to fall into “plain Jane” mode, cut and lengths can be seen, which is why in particular I loved this black box-designed tank top. Taking inspiration from my favorite looks in the collection, 20 and 33, I accompanied the black tank top with dark green leather shorts and black ankle boots.

Dark styles including black shades and textures can be recycled and reinvented in endless ways. It allows room for other pieces in the outfit to highlight if wanted. To lift a little weight off the black-based outfit, I wore a white body vest on top to create a free-flowing, bright feel. Keeping emphasis on the outfit only, I chose to wear a soft pink lip called Leche from BITE. When color-blocking with white and black shades, I find a rose pink lip or even a nude color lip seals the deal.

Get My Look: 1. A black box-cut or grid-design tank top.  2. Dark olive leather shorts. 3. Killer black ankle boots.