STYLE GURU STYLE: Wildly Delicate and Delicately Wild

We live in a complex and dangerous world, and even though our bodies have so many opportunities to break down, they don’t. There is something so beautiful about how such a fragile thing can exist in such a crazy world. Most people don’t realize this though. No one really thinks about how much their body has to do to even just make a simple cup of coffee. However, Burberry Prorsum gets it.

In Burberry Prorsum’s resort 2016 runway collection, the delicate, beautiful and complex qualities of the human body are represented perfectly. Burberry Prorsum does this by using a lot of intricate netting and detailed lace for a lot of their designs; as well as having interesting cuts in the fabric to reveal some skin and show off some of the body’s best assets. However, this runway collection added something very important to this idea of our delicate bodies: our wild personality. What keeps our bodies going, even in tough times, is our willpower and personality. It has been shown that even if our body starts to fail us, a lot of the time if we have hope and determination we can defy it. A track star might sprain his ankle in a race but can still make it to the finish line. A mother might feel exhausted, but she can still find a way to take care of all her little munchkins first. It’s crazy that this part of us can be so strong that it can sometimes make the seemingly impossible possible. Burberry Prorsum sums up this powerful, wild vibe from our personalities by adding accessories with a safari look. This contrast of delicate and wild make for unique and interesting outfits.

I was inspired by this runway show so much that I decided to make my own version of one of the looks. The look I based mine on had a black lace knee length dress with lace and netted long sleeves. The dress also had a cut where the skin of the model’s abdomen peaked out from behind the intricate netting. The dress was then paired with beige open toe platform heels and a zebra print bag. Instead of wearing a long sleeve dress, I chose a black lace dress that had no sleeves for my outfit because I’m always out in the hot weather. My dress also had a cut at the abdomen that revealed some skin through the detailed lace. Due to my unhealthy obsession with boots, I then paired the dress with beige ankle boots instead of heels. To top it all off, since I’m not much of an animal print person, I kept the wild, safari vibe by wearing a straw hat and black feather earrings.

Get My Look: 1. Any black lace dress with a cut at the abdomen. 2. Beige ankle boots. 3. Feather earrings. 4. A straw hat.