Wide leg pants are making a comeback. Yes, for sure. They are everywhere in the pre-fall 2015 trends. The Chloé 2015 pre-fall collection fully embraced the retro vibe that is characterized by the drapey and flowy material of the wide leg pants, straightening and elongating the silhouette of the outfits. Most looks remained in the same color scheme, advocating long figures, feminine lines and the power of simplicity.

Despite the overwhelming favoring of wide leg pants on the runway, most people stay away from them reverently in real life because of a few myths. The Chloé collection inspired me to attempt to break these myths and prove: 1. Wide leg pants can be worn with no fancy occasions nor furry clutches. 2. Wide leg pants can be an item on their own without the six-inch heels. 3. Wide leg pants are not off limits to college students.

I started my look with these hand-me-down dark gray wide leg pants, which even have a few more years on me. (So think again if you’re about to throw away those mom jeans; they might become the fashion item if you just give them a decade or two.) I chose a lighter gray sweater that is slightly cropped to go with the pants, adding some layer and texture to the look. I purposely cuffed the sleeves in a nonchalant way to make the outfit more casual and to balance out the innately dressy vibe of the pants. I ditched the black pumps that seem to always appear hand-in-hand with wide leg pants and went for some simple light gray Converse. This allowed the legs to sweep a little more, enhancing the drapiness.

I did have this look in mind for the winter weather, so warm outerwear is imperative. I chose a black weighty coat that can be tied around the waist to keep within the theme of simplicity. If you live in a warmer part of the world (friend, you are so lucky), I included an option of switching out the coat for a cozy scarf. Mine was a blanket scarf that has a geometric print composed of, again, two shades of gray. While staying in the element of the entire look, it also prevents the outfit from looking too bottom heavy.

I hope I’ve successfully eradicated the myths and convinced you that wide leg pants are not strictly a thing of the ‘70s. See you next week!

Get My Look: 1. Wide leg pants 2. Blanket scarf 3. Cropped sweater