Winter can be dull and dismal. It’s a cold season where all the tree branches are bare and you’re bundled up in as many clothes as possible. While you’re probably convinced you’re going to be living in thermal leggings and fuzzy sweaters this season, try and experiment with your wardrobe to maximize the use of all your clothes. Take inspiration from Isabel Marant’s spring 2015 collection and incorporate classic spring/summer staples to update your winter look.

While Rocky Top is no South-of-France beach, it doesn’t get outrageously cold, which allows for some style experimentation. Marant’s show, which featured an abundance of all-white and all-black looks, is laid back yet structured with soft textures and textiles, like cotton and denim. Instead of pushing your favorite white denim jacket and soft cotton T-shirt to the back of your wardrobe, wear them with winter-weather staples to keep warm yet stylish, patiently waiting for the leaves on trees to grow back in spring.

Instead of layering tons of black clothing to keep warm, I opted for a refreshing take on Marant’s collection to create my new favorite winter ensemble, while still staying comfortable in the cold air. I paired my favorite destroyed white denim skinny jeans with a basic black long sleeve shirt, tucking it in for some added flair. I layered a classic customized bomber jacket on top, keeping a black and white color scheme throughout. The combination of these pieces makes for an interesting trio that is both classic and transitional, especially considering the ever-changing weather.

In terms of accessories, I really amped up the look with a few key pieces. While this outfit will look great with a pair of Converse sneakers, I chose to dress it up with a pair of black pumps. I also layered a few different gold necklaces. While I love the look of a single statement necklace, layering a few necklaces of the same metal can have an even stronger styling effect.

While this winter is turning out to be a long, cold and blistery one, there’s no excuse to slack on personal style. Instead of constantly reaching for your winter basics, attempt to work in your most adored spring/summer pieces to create a refreshing yet chic winter look. And remember, there’s no rule against white in the winter!

Get My Look: 1. A pair of white jeans that fit you like a glove. 2. Black bomber jacket—customization is optional! 3. A basic shirt you can wear whenever, wherever.