Although it is also the color of snow, white is the color of summer. Maybe it’s to remind us of the colder months, the months in which we’d give anything for a bit of warmth. Summer brings plenty of warmth. I’d go so far as to say it brings too much!

In summer, black handbags, shoes, dresses and tops are replaced by white ones, as the color feels cooler to wear and looks lighter, fitting the general mood of summer. With this in mind, I should be running to add white pieces to my wardrobe. However, I have been graced with the talent of staining nearly everything I wear. I’m not afraid of much, but wearing white is definitely on my small list of things I fear.

While I am not inclined to wear white unless it’s absolutely necessary, I was inspired by M. Patmos’ resort 2016 line, which featured a lot of white. The line consists of several white-on-white looks, and each one looks comfortable yet chic at the same time. While most of the looks in the line included pants, I decided to wear shorts as the temperature was well over 90, and pants did not sound like a good option.

The line featured a lot of layering as well, so I decided to tie a chambray shirt around my waist. I would have worn a jacket or scarf instead, but again I was deterred by the heat. Although blue was not featured in the line, I chose a chambray shirt because it added color while not distracting from the crispness of the white on white.  In most of the looks, the shoes are paired with socks. I especially like this look, which pairs white socks with black strappy sandals. I, however, was not willing to put my feet through the misery of wearing socks today.

Get My Look: 1. Breezy white tank top. 2. White shorts. 3. Chambray shirt. 4. Strappy black sandals.