For being one of the least exotic colors in the crayon box, white has been given the most attention when it comes down to wearing it. The stir that a single color created in the fashion industry resulted in the classic and out dated societal rule of not wearing white before Memorial Day or after Labor Day. If one wants to go against societal rules even further, they can commit a capital offense by wearing white to a wedding as a guest. Although these rules are old news, they were meant to be broken (except the wedding one, let’s let everyone have their day).

I think that through wearing all white this summer, a statement is being made while looking undeniably cute at the same time. I was inspired by the Damir Doma spring 2017 ready-to-wear collection, which featured plenty of white on white looks (please restrain any gasps…yes, white can now be spotted on the runway with intention of being worn before Memorial Day). Doma also incorporated camouflage accents into some of these stunning white on white ensembles, which made them stand out even more.

Taking most of my inspiration from the first look of his collection, I rolled up my favorite pair of white jeans and paired them with a similarly shaped white top as the original outfit. I traded in Doma’s ruffles for lace accents, but stuck to the v-neck cut of the top from his collection.

I also added a pop of pattern to further increase this outfit’s visual appeal and incorporated a camouflage bandeau, masked by the white lace that lays over it. I found that when Doma did this, it combined classic and edgy fashion in a way that I could not resist recreating. Finally, since this collection is for spring, I gave it a more summer-like feel by trading black leather booties in for Steve Madden lace-up sandals.

The idea of recreating looks from the runway with a college student’s wallet may seem daunting, but you never know what trends you can find in your own closet just by interpreting collections and relating them to your own style!

Get My Look: 1. Top. 2. White jeans. 3. Cross-body bag.