It is always fascinating to learn what it is that motivates people to do what they do. We are constantly being influenced and inspired by everything around us. Anything can turn into someone’s muse. For this specific look I was inspired by the Diesel Black Gold resort 2016 line. I fell in love with the rock chic vibe and mostly monochromatic color palette. It was interesting to learn that it was Venice Beach, California, that inspired Andreas Melbostad to take an urban approach to his resort line.

I have been wanting to put together an all-white look for a while now. After searching through some of the looks in this resort line, it was look four that really got me inspired. Had I added a gray leather jacket, it would have been an even better look and more like the image. However, I had nothing like it in my wardrobe and wanted to stick to solid white. Melbostad wanted to blend street and surfer style; so the leather jackets, like the one in look four, were created to look very similar to a wet suit. It’s a very innovative approach to an item of clothing we see time and time again.

The more I look at this line the more I love it. The word monochromatic just sounds boring, but Andreas Melbostad proves it is anything but. The Diesel Black Gold resort line uses layers, textures and cuts to keep things very interesting. Maybe this won’t be your latest muse but it definitely has me inspired.

Get My Look: 1. A white cami 2. A pair of white cropped cargo pants 3. A pair of white Keds.