STYLE GURU STYLE: White Is The New Black

At Paris Fashion Week, Balmain showed a line filled with monochromatic looks and sexy bondage apparel for spring 2015. The most stunning of which were several all-white ensembles. Although Balmain stole the show with a stunning white Swarovski crystal jumpsuit (a look that has inspired several ready-to-wear garments), they weren’t the only ones delivering a fashion blizzard. Victoria Beckham, Marc Jacobs, Ralph Lauren, Carolina Herrera and Donna Karan also showed all-white for 2015.

Luckily, I spent my middle school years clad in all-black, Wednesday-Adams-esque apparel partially for the slimming effect and partially because it was the only color in our school uniform that I liked. So, I was psyched to see monochromatic looks in store for 2015. As a southern resident, I was even more excited to see all white looks trending for the summer.

All-white can work for every single occasion from poolside to office. You’ll stand out from the crowd in every situation. If you are worried about matching, remember that it doesn’t need to be perfect to be chic. If you’re mixing different textures, they will never be quite the same shade.

The light hue works best in equally light fabrics that don’t cling to the skin but can be chic in structured elements like slacks and blazers as well. Plus, there is a ton of extra fun to be had with makeup and accessories when you’re rocking nothing but neutrals. Break out your most stand out lipstick, shoes or purse really make a statement! Or, if you’re keeping it minimalistic, use your staple pieces of jewelry to complete the outfit.

Get My Look: 1. Cropped, white slacks. 2. Sheer camisole.  3. Pink, capped toe flats.