STYLE GURU STYLE: White, Green and Gold

January 13th, 2015 at 2:00am

Whenever I don’t know what to wear I go to the site for some inspiration. There are so many designers featured in this site that I get to discover. Even though I might not have the exact same outfit the designer displayed, I try to find something similar that’s in my closet to put together. That way I get to dress into something like the designers collection, but in my own way. One such collection inspired me to dress like in the picture above the other day. This collection was the J.Crew spring 2015 ready-to-wear. This time J.Crew left out eclectic and quirky out of the equation and added sophistication in the mix. It was the knit garment’s simplicity that made the collection so sophisticated.

Although the clothes inspired me as well, it was really the colors that brightened up a bulb in my head. The forest green from the waxed linen sundress reminded me of my J.Crew one-piece bathing suit, in almost the same shade of green. The white jogger pants in the collection reminded me of my linen knit pants I’m wearing in the pictures above. This collection then inspired me to put these two pieces together to go to the beach the other day. I then added gold accessories to match the gold piece attached to the belt that you can see at the front of my bathing suit (slightly hidden behind the pants). I really like pairing short and long necklaces, and thought it looked awesome with the neckline of the one-piece. For the final gold touch, I finished off my look with my cute gold sandals.

I know that now in certain parts of the U.S. it is freezing cold, and you might not be able to wear something like this, but I hope you take this as inspiration for spring break, or the summer to come. This was when I was still home in Puerto Rico, which is why I’m dressed like this and going to the beach. But in fashion you must always think forward, so I hope you use this as inspiration for your next sunny vacation!

Get My Look: 1. Green one-piece. 2. White linen pants. 3. Gold accessories.