No matter how many exams, sorority activities or other prior commitments I have scheduled during a fashion week, I will religiously follow the Chanel show. Personally, I find Karl Lagerfeld to be the revolutionary fashion genius of our time. Only Lagerfeld would be able to keep the Chanel suit in style while simultaneously evolving the classic piece to meet the needs of the current generation. The Chanel resort 2016 line did not disappoint my usual expectations of a typical Chanel fashion show. The 11th look of the fashion show was where I drew most of my inspiration for my outfit.

Look 11 is a sheer white long bell sleeve maxi dress with opaque white designs patched onto the surface of the dress. White is a powerful color, and is even more powerful against a dark skin tone. I loved that the model chosen to wear this look was African American. This put more attention on the outfit rather than the model. I loved that only one color was used in the dress, but the sleeve and hem length along with the details of the dress give the outfit depth. The model’s dark hair matches her clutch—this accents the look on the runway. My dress is all-white, with white lace details, just like the runway look. I accented my dress with a pink side bag and pink nail polish and I chose to wear neutral colored sandals to keep the focus on the dress. White detailed dresses are a huge trend this summer, and definitely one that I will be wearing after a long day on the beach!

Get My Look: 1. A long sleeved white dress. 2. A fun colored bag. 3. A neutral pair of wedges.