STYLE GURU STYLE: When In Doubt Plaid It Out

Hey all! I’m sure you’re wondering what we’re going to talk about today, but have no fear cause we’re going to jump right into it. Today’s topic starts off going over one of my personal favorite shows, Kye, from the Seoul 2015 fall fashion week. As I said before in the last article, I take inspiration from any and everything and generally making it my own. This is the exact same concept I’m portraying today. The show’s overall theme is a school girl/boy theme with grunge undertones. Basically, a complete baddy who will ace the ACT test. I love the use of flannels, plaid, the knee-high socks, the long trench coats and varsity jackets, and the overall color scheme within the show.

Personally, I love all things baggy, however, baggy with a purpose. For example, several of the models wear baggy, long sweaters or shirts, but they contrast that with tight leather pants or most frequently seen is the gray knee-high socks. For the everyday girl that is actually perfect to keep your legs warm, but still show a little skin during these winter months.

In regards to my own personal look and how I translated this show into it, is actually pretty simple. First off, I mostly drew inspirations from the gray knee-high socks because for the winter season they are Godsends to your poor little cold legs. I also took from the flannel, except in my closet there isn’t much flannel going on, so plaid was my second best bet. Me personally, I have an insane obsession with coats, so this look was another excuse for me to find one of my personal favorites that I own simply because I generally love how it looks. Inadvertently, because of the way my hair was styled in this picture and the look I’m wearing, I gave off more of a modern ’70s look, which I was totally feeling.

I had this amazing Elizabeth and James dress that I had hauled from one of my last trips from New York and thought this would go great with my favorite forest green trench coat that is by none other than Kenneth Cole New York and with that the majority of the outfit was set. However, I still had shoes and accessories to worry about. Boots are an obvious must, but not knee high because we want to show some leg like those leggy models, so booties it is. As I said before I loved the socks, however, I didn’t like the way mine looked with my boots so I used these two-tone leg warmers instead. In order for you to get my look or something similar just simply refer to the links below and happy shopping!

Get My Look:  1. A trench coat. 2. Booties. 3. Leg warmers. 4. The dress.