Exhausted from those gloomy days, and no matter how predictable you think they’ve become, somehow the week finds another way to surprise you. Rain, shine and even snow all compiled in that one week, leaving you with no other options but to prepare for a wet day. Well, here at East Carolina University, the week did exactly all those things, so I decided to dedicate some of my free time to find inspiration on, coming across the simplicity of the Hunter Original fashion show.

The look I enjoyed the most correlated well with my wardrobe. The model for look 11 wore a conventional sleek black jacket with pockets on the front and added accent flaps. The jacket wasn’t over the top either; it could work well with almost anything making it a go-to item for those gloomy days, especially when you don’t want to put much effort into your outfit.

Hunter Original’s fashion show helped me realize that a durable shoe does not always have to be drab, you can find a weatherproof shoe that works well with your individual style. When finding that perfect shoe it can also help face those harsh conditions you will experience in the winter weather.

Overall the fashion show executed modern and stylish ways any Fashionista/o could dress for a day with unpredictable weather. I thoroughly enjoyed the show and hope you the reader find inspiration from it as I did when reading about it.

Get My Look: 1. A knit sweater. 2. A black four pocket jacket. 3. A pair of weatherproof boots.