STYLE GURU STYLE: We'll Never Be Royals

STYLE GURU STYLE: We'll Never Be Royals

Summer in Virginia is hot and humid, two of the worst things known to mankind. Due to this, I have found myself resorting to dresses due to their lack of required effort and extreme comfort. The newest trend I have found that I picked up for summer is high-low dresses. The simplicity yet edginess of these pieces allow for versatility in the representation of one’s individual style.

Taking inspiration from the Balmain resort 2017 collection, I combined royal blue, a prominent color in his collection, with his idea of showing off the front of the legs. He combines the ideas of sophistication and playfulness by styling his outfits with long pants and skirts that feature cut outs to show off the legs. The collection features rich colors including deep blues, purples, reds and oranges, which represent the summer season.

Although Balmain chose to add a lot of long dresses, skirts and pants to his collection, I ditched the idea due to possible heat stroke. By translating the look to a high-low dress I was able to still represent his line’s color theme, as well as show off some of my legs.

In order to accent my outfit and make it represent my boho-chic style, I paired it with my favorite lace-up chunky heels. The tan color of the heels allows them to be paired with any outfit and the laces take them from casual to boho. To finish off the outfit I wore my favorite new choker, which was made by a small college student ran business. The blue stone on the choker is enhanced by the blue of the dress, but the simplicity of the single stone allows the dress to remain the prominent piece in this outfit. By leaving my hair natural and wavy, I heightened the boho feel of the outfit as well as added a beach vibe, which is one of my favorite summer themes to represent through my style.

Get My Look: 1. Any high-low dress. 2. Lace up chunky heels. 3. Blue stone choker.