Karl Lagerfeld put on a stunning production for Chanel’s spring 2015 haute couture collection. With a variety of textures and classic details representing garden flowers, his creativeness definitely caught everyone’s attention. Lagerfeld’s widespread use of bright, flower-inspired colors intrigued me. Each piece in this collection was unique due to his use of different fabric textures, such as tulle and the quintessential Chanel wool tweed, and individualized tailoring. The black and white pieces in this collection stood out to me the most because their near minimalism was such a contrast to the explosively colorful ensembles. I love elaborate and embellished pieces, as well as putting my own twist on an outfit. But not everyone needs designer clothes to have an outstanding outfit.

I translated this runway look into my own personal style. I focused on my detailed white floral dress. I wanted to add contrasting colors to my outfit, so I went for dark brown boots with a matching brown leather wrap watch. Also, I liked how my wrap watch stood out with gold accents. Lastly, I added a gold M necklace and a light blue denim vest with silver studs. I thought the blue vest did not make the white dress wash out my skin tone. The boots were comfortable to wear all day, the detail of the silver studs on the vest brings attention to the detailed dress and the accessories made my outfit a cohesive piece.

Chanel’s spring 2015 haute couture collection inspired me to explore beyond my usual boundaries and mix colors and textures. As a result, I had an outfit that stood out with whites, blues and browns. It is eye-catching, and I hope to go for more articles of clothing that are more about texture that bright colors.

Get My Look: 1. A lace dress 2. A blue denim vest 3. A wrap watch 4. Tall dark brown boots