STYLE GURU STYLE: Wear What you Mean and Mean What you Wear

As college students, it’s very easy for us to get wrapped up in ourselves. Between classes, extra curriculars, friends, and drama, it’s rare for us to step back and look at the world around us. But when we do, it is a very powerful thing, and we learn that yes, even as students, we all have a voice.

And while it may be hard to always use this voice when we are so removed from the world around us, there is always still a way, and lately is has been through fashion. Graphic T-shirts are definitely making a comeback, but not just to show off what bands you listen to so others think you’re super cool. People are starting to use T-shirts to make a statement and say something loud and clear without actually saying it at all. The power of fashion, right there in front of you. So whether you’re making a subtle statement with an embroidered jacket or wearing your favorite political slogan loud and proud on your chest, just know that you are making a difference in the most fashionable way possible.

In this look particularly, I tried to add some dimension to the simple black T-shirt with white lettering. I paired it with high-waisted, fringe-hemmed jeans to keep the look relaxed and casual. Nothing is more simplistic, yet such a staple, than jeans and a T-shirt. Then, by pairing them with these dreamy statement block heels, I instantly add a touch of glamour and interest from head to toe. If you plan on taking your literal statement look out on the town, spruce it up even further with a unique jacket. As you can see, I went for a lush, cheetah, faux fur coat. It breaks up the color-blocking of the outfit with some pattern and easily turns that simple jeans and T-shirt combo into a look that transcends all time of day.

Still though, I’m making a clear statement with my shirt but making sure that everything I am wearing reflects who I am as a person. Even though it may seem silly that I’m putting so much credit into a simple top, you’d be surprised how much people around you everyday are impacted by the clothes you wear. Without even realizing it, your individual fashion is making an impression on each and every person you walk by, so make sure to make it count.