STYLE GURU STYLE: We Are in the Mood of Love

Summer has brought the breeze of love to every one, including Valentino. The Valentino spring couture collection shows outfits of love. Pastel colors, soft chiffon and dreamy patterns can be found in this collection. The whole collection is full of imagination and magic, which inspired me to discover my own outfit of love.

Valentino’s love is found between the lines, poems and colors while mine is found in the fairy tales. Unlike Valentino’s intention of creating sophisticated outfits, I decided to add some innocence and childishness to my outfit of love. However, I decided to still stick to the pastel color palette and dreamy patterns.

I wore a long, puff-sleeved top with a cartoon print and paired it with a pink, tutu-like skort. In order to match with the sky blue color on the sleeves, I wore a pair of candy blue heels and a blue flower choker. The pink color of the hat was to go with the color of the skort. I carried a unicorn meal bag in order to add some childishness and fun to the whole outfit. I completed my whole outfit with a pair of pearl earrings and a pair of sunglasses, which make me look both elegant and ladylike.

My whole outfit is full of cartoon patterns and candy colors, which make me babyish and innocent. However, the hat, the heels and the sunglasses add maturity to the ingenuousness. The flower on the neck and the pearl earrings present me as a nice young lady. This is the love I want to show, the first love— childish, but mature.

Get My Look: 1. A puff-sleeved top. 2. The tutu-like skort. 3. The unicorn bag.