STYLE GURU STYLE: Warmer Weather Approaches

March is a tricky month. It’s not quite winter anymore, but it’s definitely not spring yet, especially in the cold Midwestern weather that is Indiana. I find that even though the sun starts to come out earlier and more often and the days start to feel longer, the temperature doesn’t always catch up. It can be frustrating to wake up one morning to see bright, clear skies with warm enough weather to even take your jacket off, but then the very next day see that there’s a blizzard outside your window.

For weeks like that, it’s best to just keep an eye out. For a day that is tricky to handle—not too hot but not so cold that you feel like your fingers have turned to icicles and your toes might fall off—it can be fun to dress it up a bit. The sun was shining on this particularly pleasant March day, and I tend to stick to the basics when I don’t know what to wear. My regular uniform, you could say. This usually entails mom jeans, a basic top, and some white shoes or black booties. For this day, though, I thought that it was just nice enough to maybe step outside of my comfort zone, and create a look that I normally wouldn’t wear.

Instead of just grabbing whatever is draped across my laundry hamper, I chose something a bit different from my everyday outfit. For this look, I chose a striped bodysuit tucked into a versatile black skirt. Because it was still a tad nippy outside, I added tights and wore high-top Converse to keep the outfit just casual enough for walking to class. On top of my bodysuit, I threw on a jean jacket with decorative patches. I added some pins of my own to give it some character, but I find that the jacket is really the focal point of the outfit. It pops, and pulls it all together in a casual, effortless way.

Now, every day in March may not be pleasant enough to throw on a jean skirt and call it a day, but sometimes the spontaneity of the temperature is what makes it exciting. The next time the weather is in-between winter and spring, it can be fun to experiment—and perhaps find something unexpected about your own style along the way.