STYLE GURU STYLE: Vintage Bohemian

Shopping is one of my very favorite activities. It is relaxing, entertaining and overall exhilarating. At times however, It feels more like a hobby. I don’t just buy clothing, I hoard them. No I collect clothing…yeah let’s go with collect, that just has a better ring to it. I have almost three closets full of clothing that I have gathered over the years. Half of the stuff I don’t even wear. In my eyes they are much too beautiful to wear, and I often just sit and marvel at their brilliance. Most of the items crammed into these closets are vintage finds or hand-me-downs from family members. I can no longer go over to my grandmother’s house without leaving with a box of old sewing patterns, fabric or strange knick-knacks. If on one else wants it she can always guarantee I will. It’s no secret that I have somewhat of a weakness for all things vintage.

According to, one of the mega trends for fall 2015 is “The Forever Boho.” This trend focuses on the timeless ’70s bohemian aesthetic with, its use of relaxed fitting layers in numerous unconventional prints. Burberry Prorsum fall 2015 ready-to-wear collection is a first-rate example of just how easygoing going this trend is. To integrate this craze into my own wardrobe, I dug out a few of my favorite vintage finds. The first being this poncho pullover shirt, straight out of the ’70s. This is an amusing shirt to wear as it definitely surprises people when I spread my so-called “wings” and they catch a glimpse of the full shirt as an art piece. I wore a pair of flared jeans to maintain a low-key presence as this helped to keep the main focus on the shirt. These jeans have a modern amount of width that helps give this look less of a costume vibe, as usual they are also quite long on me. Therefore, I sported a pair of chunky wedges to keep the hem from dragging. I refrained from using too many accessories and opted for a simple vintage crocheted bag. This casual and carefree trend is perfect for the fall semester.

Get My Look: 1. Boho shirt. 2. Flared blue jeans. 3. Chunky wedges.