STYLE GURU STYLE: Versace Versace

Turtleneck? Check. Leather overalls? Check. Favorite pair of Vans? Check. Wool boxy coat? CHECK!
It’s that time of year on the East Coast, you know the time of season when the weather is on full bipolar mode. One day we may experience some nice, 60 degree weather and the day after I am layering two sweaters and walking out to 39 degree weather. Although this can be tad annoying, I must say I truly enjoy playing with transitional pieces. Last year, I made it a goal of mine to invest in different types of outer wear; this winter I have experimented with coats and jackets in different colors and textures.
The coat I have on now is a current fave of mine, and when browsing the Versace ready-to-wear fall 2016, I was heavily inspired. More importantly however, the show gave me insight and ideas on possible outfits. The theme was all about Woman Power and embraced the beauty of models of different shapes and ages. It was a story of beautifully colored palettes, work ready outfits and textured coats. One of the outfits that caught my eye the most was Kendall Jenner in a boxy gray coat, fitted short dress and pastel heels. My outfit is a combination of some of my favorite pieces this winter. My black leather overalls are quite fitted and complement my black turtleneck. I paired it with my leather Vans and Bouclé topcoat to complete my minimal look.