For this article, I wanted to shed a little light on me and my style! I grew up with three brothers, so for a lot of my life, I was a serious tomboy who had absolutely no fashion sense! As you can see in the pictures, that tomboy style sort of stuck with me. I am now extremely close to my brothers so it’s no surprise really that the tomboy in me still remains, but now she has some fashion sense. So this article is a dedication to all those tomboys who want to be comfortable, sensible, and still be fun, cute, and fashionable!

In this, I am wearing fishnet leggings and ripped jeans, honestly one of my favorite trends for this year, and quite possibly on my top 10 list of favorite trends of all time! I honestly cannot even help how much I have fallen in love with fishnets and ripped jeans! My shoes actually belong to my younger brother! A real tomboy look would not be complete without the touch of an actual guy’s item! A guy’s time is the secret key ingredient for this Style Guru’s tomboy look! These sneakers are called huaraches and I tend to implement sneakers into my tomboy styles. My shirt has a touch of maroon lining at the bottom as a way to add some color into the look. I would not be me if a touch of color wasn’t splashed onto my outfit here and there.

Well loves, I hope you enjoyed this little look into my style and I cannot wait to share more with you! If once a month is not a frequent enough dosage of your fave Style Guru (me) then just make sure to check out and follow all of my social media!