STYLE GURU STYLE: Unseasonably Classic

STYLE GURU STYLE: Unseasonably Classic

My mind is stuck in winter weather while I spend my break up North. I have been struggling to combine my California clothes with the Washington weather. However, now that I am preparing to go back South for the spring, it seems I have finally started to master cross season dressing! While getting ready these last few weeks I was reminded of Barbara Bui‘s fall 2014 collection. It caught my attention from the way that she combined the flowing lines of the white ensembles from the first half of the show with the tailored all black pieces from the second half. I love the silhouettes of the long, oversized sweaters and the sleek forms of the all black looks. Recently I bought a fabulous white sweater with which I always try to come up with statement looks that definitely turn heads!

Today I combined my sweater with a tight black dress to capture and combine the different shapes and lines that Bui’s collection presented visually. The sweater has no collar and drapes nicely making it the perfect blank canvas to explore endless possibilities. When combined with the form-fitting dress it picks up a box-like shape which adds to the geometric tailoring of the dress.

Paired with the knee high socks and ankle boots, the look extends the long lines found in Bui’s collection and adds more layers to make the short dress a feasible winter option! To cap everything off I added a red lip for a pop of color and a bit of spark for the classic black and white.

No matter the season you can always play around with your favorite items in your wardrobe to create unique looks for every day!

Get My Look: 1. White wweater 2. Black dress 3. Ankle boots