STYLE GURU STYLE: Unexpectedness

Bold patterns, lots of denim,and oversized garments are a few of my favorite things…oh and also a few of Stella McCartney pieces too! Stella McCartney’s fall 2016 ready-to-wear collection focused on clothing that can be worn effortlessly in everyday life. With puffer jackets, oversized shapeless dresses, ruffled bib knit dresses, bold animal prints and pointy flats, Stella McCartney’s show was one for the records.

Taking inspiration from Stella McCartney’s fall 2016 ready-to-wear collection, I combined the elements of denim, bib knits and pointed toe flats in order to create a look that is perfect for a casual night out on the town or even class. Stella McCartney’s collection featured feminine touches with a little bit of edge. I capitalized on this by pairing my feminine peasant top with studded pointed toe flats. Regular flats or even loafers would have been the obvious choice, buy Stella McCartney’s collection was all about the unexpected. Thus the pointed toe flats as well as darker colored pattern adds a bit of edge to this otherwise ultra-feminine sounding look. I completed my look with simple jewelry such as rings and sunglasses.

Stella McCartney’s collection featured bold animal prints such as swans that had critics divided. Personally, I wanted to go for a pattern that could be timeless and withstand many seasons.I interpreted the bold patterns seen on the runway by wearing a gray and black patterned shirt that almost resembles a modern take on a traditional snakeskin pattern.

I thought the nod to the pattern looking animal-like without actually having to do anything with animals was fitting especially since Stella McCartney herself is an avid vegan. Stella McCartney has created a brand that does not feature any animal products. Although leather-looking garments as well as bold animal prints were featured on the runway, her “leather” garments are actually created using skin-free skin and her puffer coats are stuffed with feather-free wading! But one who does not know Stella McCartney is an advocate against animal cruelty would never guess this.

With fashion being criticized for being so repetitive these days, it’s refreshing to take an unexpected approach when creating a collection and even an outfit. Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box and take risks when it comes to your style.

Get My Style: 1. Peasant Top 2. Ripped Jeans 3. Studded Pointed Toe Flats