STYLE GURU STYLE: Understated Is A Statement

January 12th, 2015 at 2:00am

The fall 2014 Bally fashion show was stunningly simple in its focus on ready-to-wear. The natural color palette included rich creams, grays and black with accents of deep greens and brown. The collection had very sharp and detailed pieces of knitwear that were integrated into different elements such as tops, bottoms, jackets and scarves. Pleated pants and blazers elevated the looks as they brought a level of sophistication while maintaining comfort. I loved how the emphasis in the collection was in the construction of the clothing including the details in the pinstriped clothes and pleats that really lifted the looks.

Although the theme was semi-casual, a single outfit could be worn for a nice coffee date and also a long day at the office. These pieces are wardrobe basics that were beautifully designed and made. These basics appeared understated when I first looked; however, as I looked closer, the amount of refinement in the knits and pants was incredible, which made these understatements and yet gorgeous statements.

Today I took inspiration from Bally’s sweaters and their colors, which appealed to my personal style and love of gray, black and cream, which are amazing colors this winter. I am not afraid to admit that I am a sweater addict, which is one of the reasons why I fell in love with this collection. I am also a ready-to-wear enthusiast on a regular basis, especially when trying to keep up with school by dressing simple and comfy. I incorporated the monochromatic color scheme with my gray knit sweater and black leggings from my wardrobe. I wanted my look to be understated and simple but have some pop from the style of the sweater. To add my own personal touch, I paired a statement necklace with the sweater in order to elevate my outfit. Similar to Bally, I wanted to have something that would stand out so that it doesn’t look too flat by using jewelry like my watch and a fun necklace. This outfit can be worn to various events such as running errands at the mall or going out with the girls for a nice evening.

Get My Look: 1. A sweater. 2. Leggings. 3. A statement necklace.