STYLE GURU STYLE: Unchained Trends

When the warm weather finally returns, I find it hard to remember what I was wearing last spring season. What were the trends a year ago from today? How has my stylish taste already evolved?

I am going to show you some of my new favorite spring and summer trends and how you can still incorporate your favorite fall trends into your warm weather wardrobe.

The first element that I planned this outfit around was a staple element to my fall trend obsession. If you didn’t find me with a band T-shirt paired with a jean jacket this fall, you probably didn’t find me at all. This classic style Van Halen band T-shirt is one of my favorites reproduced by Forever 21 as a trendy tank. This T-shirt pairs well with anything you chose to pair it with because of the array of colors in the design. It also has some stud details on the shoulders that add extra texture and edge to any outfit.

Although band T-shirts are still a prominent trend in stores, there are some new spring trends to help you style them differently. One way to do that is by using the band T-shirt as a base and layering a spaghetti strap tank top or dress on top. The layering trend is still making its way back onto the radar. I tried to accomplish that look with a blue silk slip that I have. It didn’t give the outfit the right look because it had a scoop cut neckline rather than a deep cut neckline. I wanted to showcase the design of my T-shirt in this outfit so I instead reversed the layering of these therefore putting the dress underneath my T-shirt. I tied a knot in the back of my T-shirt to add some shape to the outfit and to hide the excess material. The color of this dress was a perfect match to bring out the blue details shadowing the letters to Van Halen and the blue behind the lion’s head. Blue is also the complementary color to orange or yellow which allows the color showcased in the lion to stand out.

Another color that catches your eye when looking at the T-shirt is white. I decided to wear my white high-top sneakers to bring out this color. I felt this color should be evenly represented throughout my outfit. I knew I needed a subtle accessory around my neck so I chose a neck scarf; a trend that I have recently become a big fan of. The one I wore here was made from tulle left over from an art project.

The last accessory that I paired with my outfit was my pair of colored lens rounded glasses. I got these glasses from a Halloween store and forgot I owned them until recently. They are a trendy accessory that I am obsessed with, not to mention that they add a pink tint to everything you look at.