Pop quiz: What is my newfound love I mention in my STYLE GURU BIO? Answer: Denim

That’s right. I love denim everything nowadays, but who doesn’t? It seems that denim is here to stay in different shapes and styles, and I won’t be one to argue against this trend. Denim is great not only for the texture it adds to an outfit, but for the different cuts and designs it can come in. Denim is also great because it can come in so many different washes. For this week, in order to follow suit of the advice given to us by 7 For All Mankind, I decided to stick to two washes.

The two washes I decided to stick to are both blue denim, just different tones. This choice was inspired by the Apiece Apart spring 2015 ready-to-wear collection. (Almost) every look in this collection seemed to stick to either no more than two colors or two tones of the same color. This kept the looks minimalistic, yet sophisticated.

Like many others, I am a huge fan of minimalism and the way it brings focus to the shapes and lines of an outfit. In this particular collection the minimalistic style emphasized the loose fitting and often long pieces. For this reason I kept my dark chambray shirt untucked and let it hang loose. In addition I only buttoned three buttons. I felt that this was an important detail that made the look even more minimalistic and kept my shirt more loose and relaxed. The light wash of my shorts complemented my chambray shirt without taking the focus away from it. The wrap-around sandals, also inspired by the collection, add to the casual essence of the look by being minimal.

Because of the simplicity of the outfit, I opted to add details to this look with a fishtail braid and reflective sunglasses. A fishtail braid works better than a classic braid, particularly for thick hair like my own, because it appears more delicate, detailed and more effortful. Together, these pieces create a comfortable, color focused look that can be worn in any day-to-day situation.

Get My Look: 1. A dark wash chambray shirt. 2. Light-wash denim shorts. 3. Wrap-around sandals.