STYLE GURU STYLE: Tweed, Color and Frill

One of my favorite runway shows from the fall season was definitely the Chanel fall 2014 ready-to-wear show. Karl Lagerfeld never fails to capture the spirit of Coco Chanel, with a modern spin on the classic Chanel suit. There is a good mix of neutral, deep and bold colors in the line. In addition to the colors and the tweed, there are lots of three-dimensional aspects to many of the sweaters and jackets. It is so difficult to mix daring pieces with so many different colors. However, I gave it a try.

The focal point of my outfit is the tweed mini skirt, paired with a simple pair of black tights. When I think of tweed the first thought that comes to my mind is Chanel. The next is Jacqueline Kennedy, but you get the picture. I picked out one of the threads in the tweedpink, of courseand matched it with a long sleeve wool sweater. The cream-colored fluffy vest adds the three-dimensional effect to the outfit, which was prominent in the Chanel show.

Along with being totally cute, my outfit is warm enough for the cold winter days we have been experiencing along the East Coast. Additional layers and cold weather accessories can easily be added. Practical and adorablewhat’s not to love?

Chanel’s runway shows never disappoint, and the fall 2014 show was no exception. The mix of tweed, color and fierce pieces in this show inspired me to take risks during these next few winter weeks.

Get My Look: 1. A colorful tweed skirt. 2. Fun fluffy vest. 3. Simple wool sweater.