STYLE GURU STYLE: Turtlenecks? What Do You Mean?

February 5th, 2016 at 2:00am

For someone who was never truly a, “Belieber,” I have certainly caught Bieberfever with Justin’s latest hits. As I was searching through spring 2016 runway shows to find some inspiration for my upcoming looks, I came across Acne Studio’s spring 2016 collection and caught ’80s fever! I came across turtlenecks, fun prints and cutouts. Their runway show made me feel as if I was going back in time. Acne Studios created a cohesive ready-to-wear line through power dress inspired looks. Staples of ’80s fashion, such as blazers and color blocking, truly created a runway show that was alive and distinctive from other designers.

Although Justin Bieber is not from the ’80s, I felt as if his song, “What Do You Mean” described my thoughts when reviewing Acne Studios spring collection. I was surprised to see more ’80s trends on the rise, and to see what designers create using styles popular during that decade. In my look, I decided to take some a few aspects of the collection. I had fun creating this look as I chose items that I would not usually wear together in regards to my own personal style.

I built the foundation of my outfit from my raspberry, colored, cotton, turtleneck sweater. Then, I paired it with my winter green, Philosophy blazer. I liked the look of the the red alongside the green because complementary colors are naturally appealing to the eye. The dullness of the colors in my top and blazer closely compare to the popular subdued colors of the early ’80s. I chose these colors over vibrant neons in order to modernize the look. Also, I wore my casual, ripped jeans to balance the business-wear vibes of the blazer. Typically I accessorize with jewelry, but decided to use a belt instead to add a splash of fun animal print.

Similarly to Justin Bieber’s latest hits, I feel that ’80s fashion is going to start making a comeback in small doses. Viewing the spring 2016 ready-to-wear collections inspired me to go out of my comfort zone and mix different pieces up. Before we know it, we’ll all have ’80s fever! I hope viewers can have fun with these up and coming trends and challenge themselves to modernize these ’80s staples!

Get My Look: 1. Blazer. 2. Sweater. 3. Belt. 4. Jeans.