STYLE GURU STYLE: Turtlenecks and Snakeskin

It’s the most wonderful time of the year and by that, I’m talking about the post-holiday sales! I’ve been working non-stop, picking up extra shifts and putting on a wide smile just to earn those extra tips. All the hard work paid off for my annual end of the year shopping extravaganza. This is the perfect time to stock up on the latest trends, allowing me to enter the year new in new fashionable seams. 

Even though the Florida weather is constantly blazing heat, I refuse to let it simmer down my love for winter fashion. I’m on the constant look out for high-neck tops, black skinny jeans and statement boots. While searching around on Vogue’s Fashion Show Finder, it was no surprise I fell madly in love with the Givenchy pre-fall 2015 collection. Every piece in Givenchy’s collection was minimalistic yet eye-popping. More importantly, the collection is wearable for the everyday Fashionista/o.

Inspired by Givenchy’s collection, I decided to recreate the looks with my own personal twist. I wore an olive-colored long sleeve turtleneck. Along with that, I added my favorite black ripped Joni Jeans from Topshop. To add my personal flare to the outfit, I paired it off with these chic, faux leather snakeskin patterned boots. Finally, not wanting to take away from the outfit’s minimalistic appeal, I finished it off with a simple black tote bag and oval sunglasses. This is an absolute go-to outfit for me!

Get My Look: 1. Long sleeve turtleneck. 2. Ripped black jeans. 3. Snakeskin boots. 4. Black tote bag.