It’s clear that turtlenecks have been all over the runway this season, which has quickly translated onto the streets. People’s necks are cold, and turtlenecks provide a perfect way to warm them!

The Isabel Marant spring 2016 show perfectly exemplifies this trend. Basic white turtlenecks are used as a base to a classier, upscale look. The shirts are paired with metallic pieces, which makes the turtleneck really pop. The look provides a pretty, neck-lengthening silhouette, producing a slick all-around ensemble. Mock turtlenecks are also used on other pieces, paired together with free-flowing loose pants and jackets. This allows the wearer to still look slim and put together, while at the same time relaxed and breezy. Since turtlenecks are so classic, they can be paired with just about anything, as clearly represented by this collection.

After being inspired by the runway, I decided to give the trend a go. I started the look with a basic white turtleneck and paired it with black ripped pants. In order to give the look a bit more personality, I overlaid the outfit with a black fur vest. Two necklaces are added over top of the turtleneck in order to draw more attention to the trend of the hour. Black boots are paired with the look to match the overall color combinations. Being my first time experimenting with the look, I didn’t want to go too crazy with colors and metallic as it is presented in the spring collection. However, after getting the hang of the trend, I am feeling all the more adventurous to pair my elongated neck with ultra bold prints and accessories next time.

Get My Look: 1. White turtleneck. 2. Fur vest. 3. Ripped jeans. 4. Necklace. 5. Boots.